Inventory - 2024 May
Condition -Excellent
All Devices are unpacked and not used
Vasculife - Lipodiode 1470
Package includes Diode 1470 laser and fiber retractor for Phlebology
Device can be used for Phlebology, Proctology, Liposuction
Arion Alexandrite
Laser Hair Removal with 2 handpieces
Condition -Good
All Devices are tested and can be used immediatealy
Soprano Platinum
several units available
Soprano Platinum workstation without handpiece
Soprano ICE
several units available
Soprano ICE workstation without handpiece
Soprano Accord
several units available
Soprano Accord workstation without handpiece
Accent Prime
several units available
Accent Prime workstation without handpiece
Harmony XL

Harmony XL With Clearlift Laser and 3 AFT Handpeices
Harmony XL Pro

Harmony XL Pro with Laser and 3 AFT Handpieces
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